Make better fitness decisions

Science replaces willpower.

Principles replace wishful thinking.

We find your special path to make the change. And the tools to live it out.

Fitness and Wellness Program

Weekly commitment for at least 3 months. That’s only 12 meetings for a lifetime of change.

Behavioral analytic principles transport you beyond dabbling and defeat to help you experience success – immediately and often. Three cheers for both of those – immediate and often!

You can’t see it yet. That’s okay. You will.

I’ve spent decades studying and applying what you need for lasting success.
I often say, “If the answer was obvious you would have already found it.”

Let’s get started.

Special Abilities Wellness Program

One size definitely does not fit all. Especially with people with neurodiverse learning abilities. This program takes one step at a time. At a pace that works for you.There is no formula, other than committing to weekly sessions to keep tabs on progress and make changes in a timely manner, and assessing our next steps.

How good would it feel to see tangible progress and success?

This program is tailored to any individual with learning differences or diagnosed developmental disabilities and may also include plans for independent daily living skills. In addition to caring for my live-in, adult brother with special needs, I have spent decades working with individuals of all ages with lasting success for people who learn differently. I know what a huge difference small changes can make.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Start for the last time with a free, 30-minute, no-strings-attached appointment. Let’s discuss you, your environment, and your health and wellness.

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